Weekend loneliness

We talked to people about feeling lonely on weekends. For some people weekends and holidays were not something to look forward to, but a time where they felt more lonely.

During the weekdays people said that they kept busy at work where they could chat with colleagues, masking their loneliness. But at the weekend they felt lonely because they had no plans to keep themselves occupied and little contact with anyone.

Jennie feels most lonely at weekends.

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Lisa keeps herself busy during the week but notices the absence of her friends at the weekend.

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Jodie says he feels more lonely at certain times of the week, and during national holidays.

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“I think you learn to appreciate other things in life, you know, to maybe to focus on how to, not to feel that so much. I mean sometimes you just can’t avoid it and you’ll hit a wall and that will be a Sunday night and then that’ll, you know, you feel like everyone’s at home with their partners and you’re on your own and so you do sort of hit a wall, but, you know, I learned, I learned to keep myself busy.”

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