Carers of people with dementia

Profiles - Men caring for partners

Interview 02

Husband caring for his wife of 58 years at home. Well supported by four sons, social services and old friends. Diagnosed in 1991. Occupation of carer: retired, wife was a PA/Housewife.

Interview 07

Carer is devoted husband who has so far managed to care for his wife at home with respite care every 8 weeks. They have two children. She was diagnosed in 2000.

Interview 08

Carer is an elderly husband who found that he had to continue to work to be able to pay for care for his wife at home, which he continued until she died. Diagnosed in 2000.They have one child.

Interview 31

Carer is a husband in his 50's looking after his wife with Picks disease. They have three children.

Interview 33

Carer is a husband who cared for his wife first at home and then later in residential care where she died. They have 3 children. Carer's occupation was a retired Civil Servant. Occupation of patient was a Housewife.

Interview 36

Elderly husband caring for his wife at home for many years, now in a nursing home. They have 2 sons. Patient used to work for BT.

Interview 38

Same sex couple together 34 years. Carers occupation: Medical Laboratory Manager. Patients occupation: Industrial Components, own business.

Interview 40

An elderly clergyman caring for his wife who was interviewed with his daughter who lived close by. There are 2 other children. Diagnosed in 1996-7.

Interview 44

Carer is husband who himself suffers from throat cancer. Carer is retired. Patient had been a film producer.

Interview 45

Elderly husband caring for wife. They have 1 child. Diagnosed in 2000. Patient was a retired industrial nurse.

Interview 46

Husband caring for his wife of 54 years. They have one son. Carer is retired. Patient had been a seaside landlady as well as a housewife.

Interview 50

Husband caring for his wife. They have 2 children. Family history of Alzheimer's disease. Carers occupation: retired apple farmer. Patient's occupation: retired part-time farm shop worker.

Interview 60

Carer is John Bayley husband of the late Iris Murdoch. Carer is a retired Professor. Iris was a writer.
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