Women’s experiences of Domestic Violence and Abuse

Profiles - Age 50 – 59


Sue is a 52 year old white British woman, divorced and living with her son aged 20, in the home of an elderly relative for whom Sue is the full-time carer. She has a 23 year old daughter at University.


Khalida left Pakistan aged six to settle in the UK with her parents. Now aged 58, she is separated from her husband, living in temporary council accommodation with her youngest son, aged 15, and is unable to work owing to vertigo. Three of her adult children live in the same city.


Linda is a 59 year old white British woman, separated from her British Caribbean husband. Her two daughters from a previous marriage and her four grandchildren live locally. Linda used to work as a University lecturer and as a manager of children’s services, but is now unable to work owing to severe health problems, Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome and Osteochrondrosis.


Julia is a 57 year old single, white, freelance artist living in her own home. Her son, aged 27, lives separately. She suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that includes depression, anxiety and digestive problems and limits her ability to work. She uses her artwork to promote many women's issues including voluntary work with charities for street sex workers and ‘End Violence Against Women’ activism.


Tina is a 50 year old single white British woman, living with her dog and her son’s tortoise in a Housing Association house. She is unable to work owing to health problems, including COPD and migraines. She has close contact with her daughter and grand-children who live locally, but poor contact with her other five adult children and her younger son who is away at University.


Philippa is a white British woman who lives with her two daughters (16 and 21 years) in their privately rented home. She is single and works full-time in finance.


Jacqui is a white British, single, retired nurse with two adult children. She moved into a council rented flat three years ago after leaving an abusive marriage.
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