Women’s experiences of Domestic Violence and Abuse

Profiles - Age 30 – 39


a 31 year old British woman originally from Eastern Europe. She lives in a Housing Association flat with her nine year old daughter, and works part-time as an office co-ordinator.


Charlotte is a White British woman who lives in her privately owned home. She has three daughters, aged 11, 15 and 16 years and she works part-time as a teacher.


Shaina is a 32 year old single woman with mixed French and Mauritian origin. She lives in a privately rented house with her three children aged ten, eight and six years, and works part-time as a school lunchtime supervisor.


Ana is white European and divorced. She has been living with her new non-abusive partner for one year, with her two children aged eight and ten years, in a rented flat. She works full-time as the Administrator of a Children’s Centre.


Stephanie is a 39 year old professional single white British woman, living by herself in a privately rented home. She works full time as a finance manager for a large organisation and does not have children.


Mandy is a white British woman who is educated to degree level. After a period off work with depression, she now works full-time and is currently living with her new partner and dogs.


Yasmin is a 32 year old British Asian woman living with her three children in a Housing Association house. She left her family in Pakistan when she was seventeen, to live in the UK with her married sister and to enter into an arranged marriage with the brother of her sister’s husband. She has little education, no work experience, and has recently taught herself to speak English.


Lindsay is a white British woman who is currently studying and volunteering to provide support to survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. She has two children, the eldest has left home and Lindsay lives with the youngest child.


Chloe is a 32 year old single white British woman born in South Africa. She lives on her own in a council flat. She works as a Holistic Bodywork Therapist but was unable to work at the time of the interview owing to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which developed in the aftermath of an abusive relationship. Chloe is single with no children.


Irina is an Eastern European woman who is separated from her husband. She lives in a privately owned apartment with her two children (four and eight years old). Currently unemployed, she is actively looking for work.


Sarah is a 32 year old happily married white British woman. She does not have children and works full time as a Project Manager in the Civil Service.
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