Who made this Carers of people with dementia resource?

Clive Baldwin

Conducted the interviews. Since qualifying as a social worker he has worked in community/voluntary sector development. Awarded his PhD by the University of Sheffield in 2000, he is now a Senior Lecturer at Bradford Dementia Group, University of Bradford.

Rachel Miller

Analysed the interviews and wrote most of the summaries. She was for 26 years a GP principal & trainer. After early retirement, she obtained an MSc at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Part of the Strategy Group, Health Experiences Research Group since its formation.

Advisory Panel

Carol Green
Alzheimer’s Society QRD consumer monitors
Clive Evers
Director of Information, Alzheimer’s Society
Dr Judy Shakespeare
GP and Senior Clinical Fellow, DPHC Oxford
Dr Julian Hughes
Old Age Psychiatrist, Newcastle General Hospital
Dr Nori Graham
Emeritus Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry, Royal Free Hospital, London, Vice President of the Alzheimer’s Society (and Alzheimer’s Disease International) and former Chairman of the Alzheimer’s Society
Meg Gilpin
Alzheimer’s Society QRD consumer monitors
Professor Robin Jacoby
Old Age Psychiatrist, University of Oxford
Professor Tony Hope
The Oxford Centre for Ethics & Communication in Health Care Practice (ETHOX)
Rachel Miller
Strategy Group member, Health Experiences Research Group.
Sandra Bemrose
Alzheimer’s Society QRD consumer monitors
Sue Ziebland
Research Director, Health Experiences Research Group, Department of Primary Health Care, University of Oxford.
Tricia O’Leary
Manager, The Botley Alzheimer’s Home, Vale House
Sophie Behrman
Honorary Clinical Research Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford
Maureen Cundell
Memory Services Nurse, Oxford AHSN Dementia Clinical Network

Clive Baldwin conducted all of the interviews as part of a joint project with ETHOX. Many thanks to Penny Garner from ‘SPECAL’ & Tessa Guttridge from the ‘Clive Project’ & all the health professionals and participants who helped us with this research.

Supported by:
Alzheimer’s Society
Department of Health
Omega Foundation

Grant holders:
Tony Hope
Robin Jacoby
Julian Hughes
Sue Ziebland

Carers of people with dementia resources

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