Living with dementia and memory problems

In this section we talk to older people who are experiencing cognitive impairment which they might describe as forgetfulness, memory problems, brain fog or more medical terms like dementia, Alzheimer’s and mild cognitive impairment (MCI).

You can hear people talking about their own experiences of living with memory problems and other symptoms of dementia. We spoke to 29 people across England. We also include extracts from an interview with Sir Terry Pratchett which was carried out by researchers at the University of Oxford in 2010.

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People we spoke to felt that their problems were significant enough to reach out to professional services for help. For some people that meant seeing their GP and being referred to a memory clinic for a formal diagnosis. Others looked for more informal help from ageing groups, memory support or Alzheimer’s Society and similar charities. One person did not want to face their concerns of having memory problems so they did not tell friends or family. Instead, they registered with a dementia research hub in the hope of finding out more about their condition.

This project funded additional interviews for the Carers of people with dementia section which you may also find useful