Dipex+ gives you the opportunity to seamlessly integrate video clips from socialcaretalk.org and healthtalk.org into your websites, e-learning materials, presentations, and intranets.

Since the inception of healthtalk.org, it has been a valuable resource in teaching various professions and academic studies. Now, we’re introducing Dipex+ to make it even easier for professionals to use our diverse range of video clips of people sharing their health and social care experiences.

How Dipex+ Works

When you sign up for Dipex+, you’ll discover special embed codes within each video player on our website. Simply copy these codes in order to effortlessly incorporate the clips into your website, presentations, virtual learning environments, or intranets.

Who can subscribe to Dipex+?

Dipex+ is open to anyone interested in using the videos for educational purposes, including:

  • Teachers in schools or colleges
  • Lecturers in universities
  • Professionals in training
  • Creators of web-based resources for the public

What is the cost of Dipex+?

For just £500 per year, 10 individuals in your organisation will be able to gain access to embed any of our 35,000 video clips. Additional log-ins are sold in bundles of 10 for £500.

This fee will help support the charity to keep the website going for future learners and the wider public.

Terms & conditions