Using socialcaretalk.org in education

Teachers and lecturers all over the world use healthtalk.org to teach

Socialcaretalk.org hosts thousands of free social care video teaching resources that could be in teaching:
  • Support and care workers
  • Social workers
  • School teachers
  • Any career that involves working with vulnerable people
Your students’ learning will be greatly enhanced by hearing people share their personal experiences of receiving social care for themselves or a loved one.For 20 years, videos from our sister site healthtalk.org have been used globally to teach people working in the fields of medicine and healthcare. Furthermore, we have been pleasantly surprised to hear about the other learning contexts in which the videos have been used:
  • Police training
  • A levels and degrees in humanities subjects (psychology, sociology, anthropology) .
  • Personal, social, health, and economic (PSHE) education
  • English as a foreign language
  • Creative writing

Why incorporate socialcaretalk.org resources in teaching?

  1. Reliable Content: All content is grounded in academic qualitative research, funded by non-commercial sources such as the National Institute for Health Research.
  2. Improved exam results: Research conducted by Snow et al (2016)* demonstrated that the inclusion of our videos in learning materials significantly improved learners’ knowledge retention, confidence, and exam results.
  3. Diverse Topics: Between socialcaretalk.org and healthtalk.org we cover hundreds of topics, with tens of thousands of video and audio clips addressing experiences related to more than 100 health and social care conditions and issues. Explore our extensive collection of videos or search for specific content.
  4. Seamless integration with teaching materials: Easily embed our videos directly into your presentations or virtual learning environments by signing up for Dipex+ to gain access to codes for embedding videos in your teaching materials.

Sign up to Dipex+ to gain access to codes that will allow you to easily embed any of our videos for use in teaching.

*Reference: Rosamund Snow, Joanna Crocker, Katherine Talbot, Jane Moore & Helen Salisbury (2016) Does hearing the patient perspective improve consultation skills in examinations? An exploratory randomized controlled trial in social care undergraduate education, Social Care Teacher, 38:12, 1229-1235, DOI: 10.1080/0142159X.2016.1210109

"The exciting thing about healthtalk.org is that it will introduce you to lots of people who have all sorts of conditions and who respond to them in all sorts of ways. It’s very vivid, it’s very human and it can give the most amazing enlargement of experience. One couldn’t do in real life nearly as much as the videos provide and they’re wonderful teaching tools."
Oliver Sacks, neurologist and best-selling author


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