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Alice's friend was initially diagnosed with mild' MS, his illness progressed rapidly and he is now completely incapacitated by it and receiving 24 hour care at home. Alice has continued to visit him frequently over the years. She feels that she still receives as much care from him as she gives.

  • Background

    Alice, age 35, is an interior designer. She is white British, single, with no children. Alice has a deep and continuing friendship with a man who used to be her...

  • Age at interview 35
  • Sex/Gender Female
  • Christine

    Christine's friend was diagnosed with MS sometime before telling her about it. They have maintained a close relationship, while living apart, though they have both struggled to come to terms with the disabilities that the illness brings.

  • Background

    Christine, age 50, works as a medical secretary. She is Caribbean British, single, with no children.

  • Age at interview 50
  • Sex/Gender Female