Paying for social care (older people)

In this section you can find out what it is like to be an older person, or a relative of an older person, who pays for their care themselves. You can see and listen to people talking about their own experiences of finding and paying for care. A researcher spoke to 29 people across England about their experiences. She visited most people in their own homes but spoke to others through online video chats because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

PREVIEW: Paying for social care (older people)

Sharon, an income services manager at City of York Council, explains what a self-funder is.

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There are a lot of worries and myths about paying for social care. For example, people worry that their only option is to sell their home. People worry about how they will be able to afford to pay for care when they are comfortably off but not rich. A big concern is what will happen when the money runs out. All these issues and more are covered here. You’ll also find examples of what people have done to resolve these worries and have a good experience of self-funding care. We hope you find the information helpful and reassuring.

Lucy Pocock, a GP, explains how this website can help GPs to support their patients with social care decisions.

Nadra Ahmed, Executive Chair of the National Care Association, talks about how this website can help with making informed decisions about paying for care.

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