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Social care is an essential part of life for many of us but navigating the system can be tricky. Getting a full picture of the different options and processes might involve looking at many different resources and talking to a few social care professionals. We aim to help you understand social care better, by giving you access to the personal experiences of other people who have been there already. is run by The Dipex Charity. Through this and our other website, we help millions of people each year to feel better informed, prepared and less alone in what they are going through. If we have helped you, or if you value what we do, please donate to support us below.

All of the stories on are collected by our University-based research partners who talk to ordinary people from across the UK in their own homes.

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" is the first dedicated website to provide detailed Social Care information for the public from the perspective of other users of social care. We are passionate about helping people to demystify social care, and excited to cover as many topic areas as possible on the website in the coming years."
Adam Barnett - CEO of The Dipex Charity