Interview 08

He felt he had to fight to get the care she needed when she needed it. Indignant that medication was refused on grounds of cost but did persuade GP to give Aricept though he admits it didn’t do her any good. Life is very lonely since she died.

Carers who came to look after his wife did very little for her.

Was concerned about his wifes feelings when he had to deal with intimate aspects of her toilet.

Regrets he couldn’t make his wifes life better as her dementia became more profound.

Would accept the right to euthanasia for people able to request it, but not for someone with dementia.

Knew something was wrong but didn’t know what.

Has changed his views about tests since looking after his wife. Is now planning a test for prostate cancer to reassure himself and his new partner.

Advises others to get information as soon as possible after the diagnosis.

Problems persuading his wife to take the medication which she needed for her chronic obstructive airways disease.

Describes why he felt he was the best person to care for the wife hed loved all his life.

Insisted that his wife was given a prescription for Aricept.