Paying for social care (older people)

Profiles - Helping my spouse/partner with paying for care


Rosemary, age 65, retired from her role as a senior manager in local government to care for her husband, a former teacher and college principal. Her husband’s care costs were self-funded through his income from pensions and some investments.


Peter, aged 84, is White-British and a retired Chartered Engineer. He is widowed and has four children, his daughter is a doctor who has experience of older people’s health care. Late in his career, Peter studied for a post-graduate degree in law. 

Jackie and Gary

Jackie, aged 69 and Gary, aged 66 are retired and live in a first floor apartment with steep stairs. They also own a property that they let out to give them additional income. Jackie worked as a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and Gary was a jeweller.


Gordon, aged 76, is a retired head of a banking organisation. He and his wife have been married for 20 years and have five adult children from previous marriages. His wife, aged 83, was born and educated in the USA and worked as a head of IT.


June, aged 72, has three adult children. She has a degree and worked as a social worker and is now retired. June’s husband, John, was diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) which affected his mobility and memory. Interviewed online due to 2020 Covid 19 restrictions.


Margaret, aged 79, is a retired health visitor. Her professional experience helped her understand the social care system but she still found it challenging. Her husband is living with vascular dementia. Interviewed online due to 2020 Covid 19 restrictions.

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